X7eaven Academy Courses for Ages 16-18

New for September 2024

Two-Year Funded Level 3 Extended Diploma Programme

  • Partnership: The Dang Syllabus and SCL Education Group
  • Validation: RSL Validated & OfQual regulated

This course offers students aged 16-18 the opportunity to specialize in either Musical Theatre or Street & Commercial Dance. Alongside the diploma, students can enhance their practice with additional top up hours, which help support the students to receive further vocational training and have the option to study for a Level 4 Teaching Diploma (enhancement training fees apply).

One-Year Intensive Training Level 4 Diploma

  • Focus: Preparation for vocational college auditions
  • Specialization: Bespoke classes in Musical Theatre and/or Dance
  • Validation: RSL Validated & OfQual regulated

Run by The Solange Urdang Collective for over 15 years, this intensive course boasts a 100% success rate for the class of 2023/2024 in obtaining offers and scholarships.

Both courses prepare students for auditions and further vocational training, emphasizing performance technique and providing tailored, actionable feedback. Pathways in Musical Theatre or Dance allow students to develop their academic skills in preparation for higher education.

Course Highlights

  • Focus on Potential: Designed for students keen to enhance their technical proficiency for successful auditions at vocational institutions or universities.
  • Proven Success: These courses have a strong track record as a stepping stone to further training.
  • Pastoral Care: Student wellbeing is a top priority, with dedicated pastoral support, including counselling, nutrition advice, and strategies for audition resilience.
  • Qualified Staff: Academy staff are qualified Mental Health First Aiders, offering 1-to-1 and group support sessions.

At X7eaven Academy, we ensure each student is supported both academically and personally, thoroughly preparing them for their future endeavors in the performing arts.

X7eaven Academy and The Dang have Collaborated to offer customized vocational training of the highest quality. We specialize in pre-vocational and professional training in dance and musical theatre. X7eaven aims to provide opportunities for performers and creatives worldwide to inspire and educate one another, promoting true inclusivity and diversity in these industries. Our courses are constantly evolving, helping X7eaven establish a legacy of diversity and versatility.

Our mission is to nurture each individual student, attracting diverse students with varying talents and interests, and transforming them into versatile performers with a global understanding of the performing arts. Our courses are designed to provide the most current training available, ensuring our students meet industry needs and are prepared for successful careers in the performing arts. Students will receive training in a professional environment with experienced faculty, including West End Choreographers, Directors, Musical Directors, and Performers.


Audition for X7eaven


Further details regarding the schedule for the audition day will be sent to those who have filled out an application form. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
The X7eaven Academy Open Day

Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course prepares students aged 16 years and over for auditions and study in further vocational training. Performance technique and ability make up a large component of this course with tailored, actionable feedback, which is an important part of each individual’s development.

This is a Level 4 Diploma course, with the option of either Musical Theatre or Dance. This enables the students to develop their academic skills within the subject in preparation for higher education study.
This course is for talented students who are keen to enhance their technical proficiency so they can successfully audition for further studies at vocational institutions or Universities. 
The Foundation course has proved to be a highly successful stepping stone for students into further training.
With the addition of an optional qualification, X7eaven and ‘The Dang’ is set to continue with an exceptional success rate. 

The X7eaven Academy prioritizes the pastoral care of our students. Our intimate setting ensures that each student is listened to and their needs are met We have a designated Pastoral Lead who, alongside our safeguarding team, is at hand to support each and every student with their physical and mental wellbeing. This includes meditation, qualified nutrition advice including weekly recipes and advice on audition resilience and coping strategies.
Our staff at the Academy are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and our student support is available in both 1-to-1 and in-group sessions.

Foundation Course; Extended Diploma Course
● Focuses on improving technique and performance ability for further dance and musical theatre training
● Highlights importance of performance ability and self-presentation
● Provides informal and formal feedback to reach individuals’ goals (ranging from interview technique, presentation, performance ability, technical skill, choice of audition material)
● Teaches history, culture, analysis, research and reflection in a theoretical context
● Advises individuals on appropriate courses and institutions to apply for
● The process of application is supported and guided by senior faculty members

Course Includes:

● Dance Subjects: Classical Ballet, Technical Jazz, Musical Theatre Jazz (Dance Track only), Jazz for Audition, Street/Commercial, Contemporary, Tap (Dance Diploma only) Acro (Dance Track only)
● Acting Technique, Acting Audition Preparation, Singing Technique, Singing Repertoire, Small
Group Singing, Acting through Song & Integrated Performance (Musical Theatre)
● Contextual Studies: Weekly Lectures and Tutorials involving study skills, research & analysis, interview techniques, and application support.
Students who graduate from this programme benefit from increased performance levels, heightened confidence to successfully audition for further training, deeper knowledge and greater understanding of vocational level training.

X7eaven Academy offers an intimate setting for the training provided. This allows students to thrive in a safe and positive environment while receiving quality individual time from their tutors in each subject.

Foundation Course graduates have an improved chance of gaining scholarships and funding for their future training.