Jackson Edwards

Co-Founder • Vocal Director & Manager • Creative Director

Jackson Edwards is the Creative Director,Vocal manager and founder member of X7eaven Academy. He has always visualized building an organization that would
guide and inspire up and coming artists to experience and enter the entertainment industry.

Jackson’s vocal training from a young age was organically developed through being brought up in a musical family and around gospel roots. Jackson’s outstanding vocal performances gained him major respect as a vocal artist in the live and recording music circuit, which led to him being signed to AristaRecords. The record label of legendary artist Whitney Huston.

Jackson also has a wealth of experience in backing vocals, touring with commercial pop artists around the country. Jackson has had the pleasure of touring and working with the likes of Lionel Ritchie, Puff Daddy, John Bon Jovi, Razorlight to name a few.

Touring extensively throughout London and Europe has allowed him to hone his craft and acquire extensive knowledge in the entertainment industry. He has been the lead vocalist for many live bands and appeared on TV shows such as Top of the Pops and many other international TV shows.

He has performed in the industry for over 20 years and is still actively performing and song writing. His great natural flare as a vocal coach and songwriter always helps to bring out the best from inspiring Professionals and young vocalist.

Jackson also delivers inspirational workshops for X7eaven in schools, Theatres, Choirs and on Performing arts courses around London. He also continues to work with professional performers as a vocal coach including West End performers currently performing Motownthe Musical, Lion King and a variety of other theatre and TV shows.

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